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Instructions on How to Use Google Lens on iPhone.

We are going to talk about Google Lens, and we are also going to learn “How to Use Google Lens on Apple Mobile” devices. This will ensure that we are able to use it effectively whenever it is required of us.

This article shows you How to use Google Lens on iPhone to control Google’s search engine directly.

On iOS, you can use Google Lens on pictures you’ve already taken.

For photos on Your phone that you want to use Google Lens, Follow these steps. That’s why you need the Google Photos app.

  • Choose A Picture after opening Google Photos.
Give Google Photos permission to view your photos if first time you use the app. It's necessary.
  • Go to the Menu and Choose Lens.
  • Adjust the pick if you need to so Google Lens can focus on a certain part of the picture.
  • There are Buttons below the Picture that you can use to translate or copy text from the picture, look for pictures that look like the currently displayed one, and more.

How to Use Google Lens With Your iPhone Camera

Anytime you point your iPhone camera at something, Google Lens will give you information about it. For these steps to work, you’ll need to open the Google app since Lens isn’t part of the Camera app.

  • Simply open the Google app and tap the button that looks like a lens to the right of the search bar.
  • After pointing your camera at something, press the shutter button to take a picture.
If this is your first time using this app, tap the camera button at the top and then tap OK to let Google use your camera.
  • Modify what Google Lens does by tapping on one of the buttons below the picture. Any text in the picture, for instance, will be translated by Translate.

The steps for using Google Lens on an iPhone

That’s right, Google can recognize things like faces, text, locations, and physical items. If you point your camera at a spaghetti squash, the app will not only recognize it but also tell you how to make dinner with it by giving you recipes, nutrition facts, and pro kitchen advice.

By pointing your iPhone camera at a performance poster, Google will offer to add the date to your calendar and help you find a place to buy tickets. What kind of plant is that growing in your yard? Google Lens can tell you thanks to its plant name recognition feature.

Anytime your phone sees a famous site, Google will give you quick facts and trivia. Lens can recognize art, buildings, and statues.

For example, you can use Google Lens to copy and paste text in places that are hard to get to, like the serial number inside your fridge, which you need when you call for service or order parts.

You can shop on Google Search as well. Google will not only show you where to buy furniture, dresses, shoes, appliances, gadgets, and home decor, but it will also show you reviews for similar things.

This feature can be accessed on iOS devices using the Google app or the Google Photos app. Whether you want to scan a photo that’s already on your phone or take a new picture and want Lens to be ready right away, the app you use to start Lens should support both.


Then how do I stop Google Lens from working on my iPhone?

The best way to stop using Google Lens on an iPhone is to delete the app. Eliminate either Google Photos or Google, or both, to stop iPhone from using Google Lens.

What other apps are there for the iPhone that work like Google Lens?

As far as I know, there is no iPhone app that can do everything that Google Lens can. Live Text, on the other hand, can copy text from a picture or the camera on your iPhone and insert it somewhere else. You can also scan and save text from pictures with apps like Adobe Scan. Google’s reverse image search will display information about an image’s origins and details.

I really hope that my article on “How to Use Google Lens on iPhone” has been of great use to you. Please leave a Comment below to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please don’t forget to Share this article on social media.



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