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Turn Off SOS on iPhone 14 – A Step-by-Step Guide

This article tells you How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone 14‘s Emergency SOS mode, stop an accidently made emergency call in progress, and Call 911 after the mode is Turned off. The steps work on smartphones that have iOS 16.3 or later.

Steps to Deactivate SOS Mode in iPhone 14

You can Turn off the SOS mode on your iPhone 14 if you have accidentally Called 911 more than once. This will keep you from having problems in the future. As an example, Emergency SOS can go off when Crash Detection is turned on or even by chance when your phone is in your pocket or purse.

This is what you need to do to Turn off SOS mode on iPhone 14:

  1. Select Emergency SOS from the Settings App.
  2. Call with Hold and Release and Call with 5 Button Presses should not be on.
  3. You can Turn off the Call After Severe Crash Switch if you want to.
  4. It will Save your changes instantly, so you can Close Settings after Turning off SOS.
  5. After turning off SOS mode, you can still Use the Power Off screen on your iPhone 14 to call for help. Hold down both the side Button and one of the Volume Buttons at the same time to get to the screen. This will make the call happen when you drag the Emergency SOS button.

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Turn On Emergency SOS if you need to.

When you think you might need it, You can turn on Emergency SOS again in iPhone 14. For instance, you could be visiting a new place or being in a situation where feeling extra safe is helpful or even important.

To Turn on SOS mode again, go back to Settings > Emergency SOS and Turn On the toggles for Call with Hold and Release and Call with 5 Button Presses.

Remember that other settings on your iPhone 14 can accidentally set off Emergency SOS. If you have Crash Detection turned on, for example, roller coasters and other activities that can cause a crash can set off your iPhone’s SOS mode.

FAQ about Turn Off SOS on iPhone 14

What to Do When You Activate Emergency SOS by Mistake?

Things to Do If You Accidentally Press the SOS Button :
While the countdown is going on, you can hang up the phone if you call 911 while SOS mode is on accident. Don’t let go of the iPhone’s side button and volume button until the countdown is over.
Stay on the line even if the call ends before you can hang up. Hold on until emergency services answers, then say that the call was a mistake. You can say “Misdial” to preserve the discussion and let the operator handle other calls.
Now is the time to think about whether you need SOS mode turned on before you call 911 again by accident. If you do, no problem, leave it the way it is. If not, you might want to turn it off so that you don’t make calls by mistake.

What is iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS?

The SOS tool was added to iOS 11 and lets you call your local emergency services quickly and easily. The tool not only calls the police in your area, but it also alerts your emergency contacts and lets them know when your phone moves.
Read our guides on how to use Emergency SOS on iPhone and how to use SOS via satellite on iPhone 14 to learn more about this function.



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